Base Metals & Alloys

Base metals and alloys are used for various purposes ranging from construction to electric to automobile and various other applications that touches us in everyday?s life.

We deal with non ferrous metals, minor metals and alloys and some speciality master alloys.

Copper - Being an excellent conductor of electricity, the main industrial usage of Copper is for the production of cable, wire and electrical products for both the electrical and building industries. The construction industry accounts for a large usage of copper in areas such as pipes for plumbing, heating and ventilating, building wire and sheet metal facings. Its applications also include transportation, industrial machinery and white goods sector. At BMC, we deal in copper cathodes, re-melted copper and copper scraps.

Nickel - The uniqueness of Nickel is that it can resist corrosion and maintain its physical and mechanical properties even when placed under extreme temperatures. Its applications include stainless steel, electroplating and chemicals. At BMC, we deal in various forms of Nickel like full plate cathodes, cut cathodes and briquettes.

Zinc - Zinc?s electropositive nature enables metals to be readily galvanized, which gives added protection against corrosion to building structures, vehicles, machinery and household equipment. Its other applications include brass/bronze, alloys, chemicals and die-casting. At BMC, our focus is largely on SHG and HG Zinc Ingots. Zinc is commonly mined as a co-product with standard lead. The main market is galvanizing, which accounts for almost half of Zinc?s modern-world demand.

Lead - The dominant application for lead is in the battery sector. Being very soft , pliable and highly resistant to corrosion, Lead is ideal for use in plumbing as well as for the manufacture of pewter. It is also used in the housing of power generation units to protect against electrical charges or dangerous radiations. Other applications include Pigments/Chemicals, Sheet/Extrusions and Ammunition. At BMC, we deal in 3 nine and 4 nine grade Ingots produced from both the primary and secondary route.

Tin - Tin is one of the first metals mined and has excellent qualities and a shiny finish. It has extremely good fusion abilities for the making of alloys, notably bronze. It is non-toxic. It was traded on the LME from the market?s outset in 1877. Its applications include bronze, pewter and die-casting alloys. The largest uses for tin are for the production of solders and for tin-plating (providing an attractive coating to iron and steel products), often called tinplate. BMC deals in largely non registered but equivalent to the LME grade material as well as the 3N Ingots and tin ingots with low lead.

Aluminum - Considered as the light metal , Aluminium is extremely pliable, has high conductivity and is resistant to rust. It is the most extensively used metal. Its applications include transport, packaging, construction, electrical, machinery and amongst others. BMC deals in T-Bars , Sows and various alloys such as ADC 12, LM -12, LM -24 etc.