Management Principles

We abide by following management principles and have a strong code of conduct. These principles are emerged out of our values, goals and ethics.

1. The duty to work diligently also carries the responsibility that one should give something back to others and society.

2. Our word is a bond. This enables us to build trust and confidence with all stakeholders including the customers and the suppliers.

3. This led to the third abiding principle, act local, think global. Simplistic in its ideal, but difficult in its application, the potential market is the whole world. BMC understands the needs of local markets as each market has different traditions and customs. We recognise them and remain sensitive to and respect them.

4. Partnership for growth builds on the principles of Act Local, Think Global and includes the idea of communication and working with others - both within and with other organisations. It is by working with others, including our suppliers and customers, we remain competitive and add to economic growth.

5. The final principle, advance fearlessly, has as its base the other four principles. To grow your business takes time and effort, it involves risks and has setbacks as well as advances. However, with the founder and the Group, risks are fewer through partnerships, the trust and confidence of suppliers and customers is higher as commitments are honoured, while respect has been earned. This allows us to advance fearlessly.

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